Setting up FibonacciWatch now (5 min) | This is a popular question I get asked often. In this video I break down the simple ways I setup my Fibonacci retracement.
The Ascending TriangleRegardez maintenant (7 min) | What is an ascending triangle and how do we spot them??
The Importance Of The Bitcoin HalvingWatch now (16 min) | In this video we discuss the Bitcoin halvings and why they are important to me as a macro minded crypto investor.
CAUTION: Crypto Predictions WILL Fail YouWatch now (4 min) | Crypto predictions, emotions, and desperation to get in or out of a crypto at the perfect time could ultimately be why man people…
When Crypto Patterns & Indicators CollideWatch now (10 min) | The power of technical analysis
All About The Fibonacci RetracementWatch now (13 min) | Finally digging into one of my favorite technical analysis tools!
What Is The Blockchain?Watch now (5 min) | Understand the blockchain in 5 minutes
Extreme Contrast AnalysisWatch now (8 min) | My Macro Mind
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